Iuventa Magis


IUMA is an innovative solution specifically designed for skin re- conditioning, the biorevitalization of superficial layers (epidermis, dermis and superficial hypodermis):

  • Improves skin texture and the level of hydration
  • Reduces fine imperfections (enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, stains)
  • Improves skin tone, elasticity and radiance


Wrinkles reduction is due to three main mechanisms:

  • AAs, HA LMW and collagen tri- peptide provide substrates for the synthesis of a new extracellular matrix (selective bio-stimulation of type III collagen).
  • Oligonucleotides promote the tissue repair mechanism with neofibrillogenesis and induce the reorganization of collagen fibers (trigger activity).
  • The hexapeptide reduces fine wrinkles releasing muscle fibers responsible for mimic wrinkles.


Fights oxidative stress by reducing damage induced by free radicals (main anti- aging properties). The antioxidant activity also displays as photoprotection, reducing age spots and not in the treated areas.


Water restrain, providing firmness to the tissues. This is partly due to the interaction between finest HA, AAs and water, improving natural moisturizing factor NMF, and partly to the improvement of the dermal thickness which generally decreases progressively with the aging process.