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Pursuant to the circular of the Ministry of Health of 17/02/2010 and the line of the Ministry of Health Guide dated March 28, 2013, affect advertising on Medical Devices, the consultation of the website content is reserved exclusively for doctors and other operators health. The information (texts, images, photos, drawings, attachments, etc.) Relating to medical devices contained in this site are not the sake of advertising.

All content must be understood and are exclusively of informative nature, intended only to inform healthcare professionals only. All products displayed on this site and having the nature of medical devices, as well as all www.marcmedical.it site content (text, images, photos, drawings, attachments, descriptions and so on) do not have the sake of advertising.

All content must be understood and are only informative in nature and intended solely to inform customers or potential customers in pre-purchase products sold by MARC MEDICAL S.r.l. through the network. No content of the website pages is intended as promotional material, aimed at influencing in any way a purchase decision.

If you believe that content on sites are instead of advertising nature must state this in writing info@marcmedical.it . The contents will be carefully examined and if it will be immediately removed or modified to follow the requirements of not advertising.